Early Christmas Gift! {Medicine Hat Baby Photographer}

Posted on December 29, 2009

So here is the perfect little product from the couple whose maternity session is posted two down… isn’t he the cutest EVER?!  Oh boy.  Our first attempt at this session was hit and miss… but mostly miss to be honest, although we managed to get a few happy moments from him then as well.  Even so, we decided to try again a few days later and let me tell you… this little guy was a DREAM!  He is so squishy and perfect from his tiny little nose to his sweet little toes.  The best!  I was able to “test drive” some new things my mom created… including the sweetest little Santa hat, which actually was a gift for the new baby!  Fit him perfectly.  Thank you, thank you, thank you guys for letting me be a part of this new beginning for all of you… he is a miracle.  P.S… We’ll be back soon to “just snuggle” him by the way ;)

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Self Portrait… and a Great Opportunity!

Posted on December 15, 2009

Ok, so here’s the deal with these next shots here… the fine ladies at twophotogs.com are going to be starting mentoring sessions in the New Year.  They are being extremely generous, and donating the tuition fee for ONE LUCKY PERSON!  Isn’t that fabulous!?  Well, I certainly think so and would LOVE the opportunity to spend some time learning from them next year.  Here’s the catch… they requested that each person send in a photo of themselves that includes a guilty pleasure.  Hmm… I have literally dozens… how to choose?  So the first few things on that list were already “done” by others, and I didn’t want to repeat… so that left out 1. Diet Coke (energy in a bottle), 2. Shopping at Walmart (which my family actually has renamed “Melmart”) and of course 3. Popcorn.  This brings us to yet another of my guilty pleasures… peanut butter.  Now, I think it’s great on toast, in cookies and in the occasional sandwich… but seriously, it tastes the best straight off of the spoon.  Mmmmm…  I also learned by doing this exercise, that it just is NOT easy to take your own photo.  haha!  Thanks for looking, and wish me luck xoxo

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Ready to Meet the New Baby {Medicine Hat Maternity Photographer}

Posted on December 12, 2009

We had such a fun visit with these parents to be, at their beautiful home south of Burdett a few weeks ago!  My family has known them for ages, and it’s so exciting to see these highschool sweethearts ready to embark on their biggest and most important journey yet.  They will be the best parents, with mom’s organization and crafting skills, as well as dad’s calm demeanor and handiness with just about anything… what a lucky baby he will be ;)   P.S. … they have since had their little boy, whom I hope to be meeting really soon!  Can’t wait to see how cute he turned out to be… congratulations and good luck to the three of you.  xoxo

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