Meyer Monday {8} Medicine Hat Photographer

Posted on February 22, 2010

So if you know me at all… you will already know that I have dabbled in this, that and the next thing when it comes to all things artsy/crafty.  I LOVE it!  I’ve learned cake decorating, jewelry making, scrapbooking (traditional and digital)… you name it, I’ve tried it!  My problem is, when I see something that someone else has created, I always think, Hey!  I could do that!  Which then turns into a full blown splurge at Michaels, and tons of crafted pieces later… haha!  I wouldn’t be ME if this wasn’t the case.

Well, it’s happened again.  I’m “hooked” on knitting.  Never thought I’d ever say those words… at least not until retirement that is.  ;)   My Mom has been making things here and there for my daughter for the last few years, and finally had the patience to deal with my whining while showing me how to knit.  Seriously… the first day was torture for all parties involved.  I was SO NOT going to be a knitter.  But, stubborn as I am, I stuck with it on my own once I got home and… VOILA!  I can hardly wait to start the next piece while I’m still working on the last one.  It’s so addictive!!!  Here are just a few of my projects from the last week!  Stay tuned for more to come…

Knitting Addiction

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Four Kids= Full House! {Medicine Hat Newborn Photographer}

Posted on February 21, 2010

Oh my gosh!  I was surprised and so excited when I heard that my best friend from grade school was expecting baby number FOUR… Wow!  The sweet little lady made her appearance at the beginning of the month, and I was so happy to be able to visit and take these photos for the family.  Aren’t these children gorgeous?!  Hmm, maybe you guys need one or two more… you really do make beautiful babies you know?  :)   I LOVE how these photos have captured your new “upgraded” family, and the sweet little face on Miss K.  She’s amazing… congratulations once again to all of you!  (P.S… this is just a sampling of my favorites so far… there are so many to choose from!)

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The Twins Turn Three! {Medicine Hat Child Photographer}

Posted on February 19, 2010

These sweet girls may look familiar if you have been following my work for awhile… they have officially turned three now!  So hard to believe.  They are so different from each other in many ways beyond their physical appearance, but they are both so beautiful and special.  Enjoy your little butterflies Momma M…


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Meyer Monday {7} Medicine Hat Photographer

Posted on February 15, 2010

Valentines Day PhotosSo here’s a compilation of some of our Valentines Day Traditions…

1.  Mommy always makes yummy heart shaped pancakes for breakfast (little miss decided to add sprinkles to them this year, only to find out that Mommy was right… they really do taste disgusting that way… haha!)

2.  We always make, bake and decorate special cookies for our Valentines… lucky ducks :)

3.  My Dad, Papa Herman, always buys all of his girls roses.  In the past, I’ve even had them delivered to me at work as a surprise.  This year, we all got beautiful potted roses!

We have lots of fun making Valentines too, and this year, my three year old insisted on signing each one all by herself… and did a darn good job of it too!  Man, she’s growing up so fast… 

I just have to add the most special thing she said to me that day (while we were snuggling in bed in the wee hours of the morning)… “Mommy, I feel deep in my tummy… that I love you.”  (What’s that honey?  You’d like me to give you a pony, and cake and ice cream for breakfast, and chocolate for supper?  Ok, whatever you wish my love.  hee hee!)  I am LOVED.

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Rosebud Update…

Posted on February 10, 2010

Phew!  She’s in tip top shape… good as new!  Thank you God, you rock!   xoxo

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Meyer Monday {6} Medicine Hat Photographer

Posted on February 9, 2010

So here is our little Rosebud when we first brought her home before Christmas… so sweet and little and dare I say… innocent?  I’ll get some more recent photos of this “toddler” up here soon… man oh man, has our little doggy grown quickly!  Sheesh!  So the reason this post is about her, is that we had quite a “fun-filled” day with Rosebud today.  She was due for her booster shot and more deworming “stuff” at the vet, so we drove from Bow Island to Taber to visit Dr. Heather (who rocks by the way)!  Rosebud was a trooper and the doctor was so quick and gentle, wonderful.  La di da… so we drive back home like nothing has happened, because really, it was no big deal.  Then I’m standing in the living room and looked over into the kitchen at this sweet dog (who is whining like crazy, after having been out, fed, watered… you name it), and all I see are two very swollen, red eyes squinting over at me.  YIKES!  My husband called the vet (this is now 9pm this evening…) to see what we should do.  In the midst of debating whether to try an antihistimine here, the vet recommended bringing her back for a quick look to make sure she would be alright.  Again, YIKES!  So back went my husband with the dog… leaving my daughter in tears over her precious buddy being “sick”… so sad.  Now Rosebud has received a dose of antihistimine, and a steroid shot (plus the vaccine earlier, which may have had a hand in the swelling etc.), all in one day.  Poor baby.  With a prayer or two, hopefully she’ll be good as new in the morning… wish us luck! 

Thanks for reading my thoughts today…

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Meyer Monday {5} Medicine Hat Photographer

Posted on February 1, 2010

1.  So, here I am with another “fave app” post… have I mentioned how much my daughter LOVES my Ipod Touch?  It kills me when I open up my “photo” tab on there and find NINETY THREE random “saves” of her various creations from the Scribble Lite, Giraffe’s PreSchool Playground and this new one… Cookie Doodle!  Which brings me to her latest showcase here… if you have young kids, get this app… she giggles the whole time she is creating a new cookie, rolling out the dough, using a cookie cutter, spreading icing, piping, sprinkles and other goodies on them… then (after saving them of course… ahem) “eats” them too!  CUTE cute cute.  Check ‘em out!Hayden's Cookies2.  Speaking of apps… I forgot to mention one of MY favorites when I talked last week about starting to run (which I’m still doing, for those of you doubters out there… he he he… just finished Week 3 in fact!)  While I’m on the treadmill, it’s totally motivating to use the Couch to 5K app by Lucius Kwok & Kasten Searles.  It uses vocal cues to prompt running and walking intervals, keeps track of time elapsed and remaining, and you can still listen to your workout playlist at the same time!  Awesome stuff!

3.  Also… I took a tiny break from the Stephanie Plum series this week to read the sequel to Suzanne Collins’ book Hunger Games, which is called Catching Fire.  WOW!  Another page turner for sure… can’t wait for the release of the third one that is slotted to hit shelves this Spring so I hear.  Now, back to Miss Plum in Fearless Fourteen… :)

4.  Last, but not least… here’s a goofy photo of my crazy girl in the tub!  haha!  Oh, let’s hope if she chooses to be a hairdresser someday, that she goes to a REALLY great school…

Oh My!

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