Emily’s Photo Session at Medalta Potteries, Medicine Hat

Posted on July 29, 2010

This was a very special family photo session for me, for so many reasons.  First of all, I had Miss Emily in my Junior Kindergarten class four years ago… which is also the beginning of my friendship with her mom Sheryl!  Emily has always been a sweetheart in my eyes, but you can definitely see her little personality coming out in these photos.  She is a rockstar, just like her Mom.  And even though Sheryl may not admit it… her daughter really is a miniature version of her!  haha! 

This is the second photo session that I have done for these girls… the first being two years ago at Echodale which featured a little Emily in denim overalls and pink converse sneakers!  Stinkin’ cute.  Each time we have done photos, it has been in trade for Sheryl’s awesome crafting skills.  Some of you may know that I’m a crafty girl myself at the best of times, but when serious need for intricate sculpting arises… she is the lady I call on everytime.  Honestly, she’s pretty amazing at what she does. 

For my daughter’s second birthday two years ago, we were having a “beach themed” party, complete with a sandcastle cake.  However, her one special request, was to have her best buddies “Toopy and Binoo” be on the cake as well.  Uh… yeah.  Soooo… enter Sheryl.  She not only whipped up the cutest pair of little cake toppers, but also made them “beachy” complete with sand pail, shovel and the tiniest sea shells ever!  Fabulous! 

So this year, my daughter really wanted a Robin Hood party, bows and arrows, hats with feathers, swords, treasure hunt… the whole works.  Let me just say that it is next to impossible to find Robin Hood ANYTHING these days, so we needed to be super creative.  Again… enter Sheryl.  She put together the most perfect little Robin and Maid Marion I could have ever asked for… sigh.  She even reassured me that I could make my own Sherwood Forest tree if the cake really needed it still… which of course I had to try ;) .Cake-ToppersThank you Sheryl, for all that you do!  Don’t worry, we have almost an entire year to plan out the 5th Birthday Party theme… I just know you’ll come up with something awesome no matter what she chooses!  ;)   We had fun hanging out with you two and getting some sweet photos. xo


Hanging out at Medalta Potteries in Medicine Hat, Alberta… eating cupcakes and soaking up the sun.

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Samuel & Marjorie’s Sweet Wedding in Medicine Hat

Posted on July 29, 2010

Another wonderful wedding… Oh my gosh!  I was so excited to once again be second shooter for Melissa, and really happy that it involved taking Marjorie and Samuel’s wedding ceremony photos.  The main reason I was so excited about this one in particular, was that Melissa had told me in advance, “This Bride and Groom are so easy going, and really just want to BE married!”  She was absolutely right.  I didn’t notice nerves of any sort before they walked down the aisle… only pure love and giddy happiness to become man and wife.  It was so beautiful and refreshing!  The ceremony was held at Temple Baptist Church in Medicine Hat, and although those rain clouds were threatening, everything turned out perfectly.  The church looked amazing, with lights all over the walls and ceiling, lit up like stars in the sky… divine.  The flowergirls and ringbearers stole the show (with their ties, frilly gowns and flower adorned little red wagon)… until the bride entered the room.  Samuel’s face lit up and Marjorie was so excited just to see him waiting for her at the altar, that I actually thought she might take off running to him :)   Good thing her Dad was there by her side to keep everything in check!  haha!  The wedding dress was to die for too… and suited Marjorie for sure.  The corsages for the groomsmen were unique too, using bamboo for the base.  Really cool.  AND their “getaway” car was fabulous too!  Extremely cool, and complete with a gift of champagne for the couple, from their driver!  Anyways, I could go on and on about the special details of this wonderful day, so for now… here are some of my photos to show not only some details, but also a few special moments.  Thank you for letting me be part of your day, it was truly an honour and a joy!


The Groom and his Groomsmen, hanging around being “boys” before and after the ceremony!


The touching wedding ceremony at Temple Baptist Church in Medicine Hat


Beautiful details… wedding car, bridal bouquet and champagne to celebrate their marriage!


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Beautiful Engagement Photos, Country Style

Posted on July 12, 2010

I had the privilege to take these beautiful engagement photos in the country on a huge farm near Warner, Alberta.  This is possibly the cutest engaged couple that I have photographed to date, and just being around them for five minutes will tell anyone how madly in love they really are.  They bought their farm a year ago, and it is so incredible!  Aside from all of their land that surrounds it, the yard is full of mature trees, bushes, perennial gardens and great little “coves” tucked in here and there… perfectly designed for taking awesome photographs.  It was so much fun hunting around for the best places to test out for Denise and Jeremy’s engagement session!

We started out front in their trees, in a few of the secret hideaways we found (trying to stay out of the light rain that just had to grace us with it’s presence that day).  It didn’t take long for them to get comfortable and just “be” together, so I got a lot of great images right off the bat!  We did have to relocate two of their dogs however, who just couldn’t resist getting cozy with their family while I had the couple sitting on the ground for a few casual shots.  It was pretty funny!  Then, when we were sure the rain had passed, we headed out to the barn.  The light was so nice in the doorway, and I just loved the photos we got up in the barn’s loft too… so gorgeous and romantic.

I loved being able to take your engagement photos you guys… and can’t wait to try out a few more of the great locations out there for your wedding very soon!  A wedding on the farm… what could be better?  So excited!  I hope you adore and cherish these images as much as I enjoyed creating them for you.  You know that I love you and am so grateful that you have found the love of your life and best friend in each other, and I feel blessed to be a witness to your marriage and happiness.  xoxo

p.s… for those of you who don’t know this yet… Denise is my sister, and Jeremy is my soon-to-be brother!




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Michael and Tiffany’s Beautiful Wedding Photos

Posted on July 7, 2010

I was totally excited when my friend from Melissa Ann Photography asked me to be her second shooter at Michael and Tiffany’s wedding last weekend!  It’s been a long time since I’ve shot a wedding, and was thrilled to be back in the scene… it was so beautiful.  This couple paid great attention to details and everything was perfect!  The ceremony was held in St. Pat’s Church, which was amazing and then since Michael is a Medicine Hat firefighter, they had the department’s old fire truck brought down for photos as well… too cool!  We went to a few different locations around Medicine Hat for more formal wedding photos, and the ones overlooking the downtown were stunning!  I had such a great time, so thanks Melissa and also thanks to the happy newlyweds :)   Hope you love all of your wedding photos from the day…

Wedding Ceremony

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Meyer Monday {27} Medicine Hat Photographer

Posted on July 5, 2010

For our yearly “Birthday Session,” I usually try to get the birthday girl into a nice “girly” outfit and set her up all sweet, just to end up with a grumpy, whiny kid… and a grumpy, whiny me.  Not a good plan I’ve finally realized after four years!  So we skipped the “dress up” part, randomly decided to test out my new camera in our patio area (after a few good jumps on the new trampoline), and these were the result!  I think these may be the best Birthday Photos we’ve ever done together… AND I didn’t even have to pose her :)   I pointed to a rock and said, please sit here.  Little Missy did the rest… shoulder roll and all!  Gotta love this kid right?  haha!

Plus, we raised some Painted Lady Butterflies again this year… always a fun activity around here in the Spring!  We had six caterpillars that formed their chrysalis’ and the emerged this past week as well, so we released them in the patio area where our roses are in full bloom.  They actually stuck around us for quite awhile and hung out on the flowers for hours… very cool!  Love that my Butterfly Charmer got to experience it all again :)

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