First and foremost, I am Mommy to the best “project-maker” in the world… she makes my day, everyday… amazing.  I am a wife, daughter, sister, auntie, friend, Kindergarten teacher and photographer.  I am passionate about many things, family, children and photography at the very top of that list!  Having my daughter has really given me the motivation to learn more about and expand my knowledge and skills in photography… she truly is my favorite subject! 

I feel that it is my privilege to be let into your life and entrusted to capture some of your most important life events, and I take each project on wholeheartedly… making sure you are comfortable, relaxed and happy (in the moment as it happens, as well as in the photos when they are presented to you).  Someone once asked me what “type” of photos I like taking the most, and I have to say that I really didn’t have a great answer at the time.  (Aside from my daughter at any age and stage of course… ) I love all of it!  I love how every newborn, toddler, teenager, couple, and family is completely different than the next.  I love squishing up and loving on the babies… I love goofing around with the little ones… I love feeling the excitement and energy of a new couple and the butterflies when they become man and wife… I love every combination of relationships within a family and how they intertwine… I love the confidence of young adults ready to take on the world… heck, I even love working in the furry critters that are like members of the family!  I love it all! 

I am so grateful to every individual who has been a part of my journey to get to where I am today… my supportive family (who think I take on too many things in my life, but are behind me every step nonetheless), friends and clients who have willingly allowed me to step into their “moments” and create lasting reminders.  Thank you xoxo

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