Halloween Traditions

Posted on January 5, 2011

Here is a selection of photos taken from a couple different Halloween parties we had this past year!  It is my second favorite “holiday” after Christmas, and my number of decor bins is growing yearly, much to my husband’s dismay… ha!  Nevertheless, it’s great fun and I truly enjoy all the preparation that goes into each and every part of the big day!  The following collage shows my first attempt at cake pops, pizza spiders (love how the filling oozed out of their mouths… hee hee) and magic wands… a BIG hit all around :)

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Ready for Christmas? {Medicine Hat Photographer}

Posted on November 5, 2010

Soooo, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but… there are only 49 shopping days left until Christmas!  EEP!  I haven’t even gotten as far as asking my loved ones what they would like this year.  Seriously have to get on top of this situation soon…

But don’t worry, I have a great idea for you!  This is a gift for your… parents, grandparents, children, best friends… really, anybody.  (And if you’re the lady of the house… send this link to your hubby, they need a little help in the “perfect gift” area sometimes ;)

Call or email for more details on how you can give “The Perfect Gift” this Christmas!  I look forward to hearing from and working with a lot of happy “Giftees” in the New Year!!

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Anniversary Photos by the River {Medicine Hat Photographer}

Posted on November 3, 2010

You might remember this awesome couple from a session I posted last November to celebrate their wedding!  We found a beautiful variety of locations in Elkwater last year, but this time around, to celebrate their One Year Anniversary, we stayed a little closer to home.  These photos were taken near the Torres’ new home, along the river in Medicine Hat where they often walk their adorable dogs!  We had such a beautiful evening and caught the prettiest light… LOVED this session so much and can’t wait until their 2nd Anniversary ;)   Congratulations guys!

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Funky Kids Chillin’ Downtown {Medicine Hat Family Photographer}

Posted on October 25, 2010

I have had the pleasure of getting to know these three kids and their parents… and dog Lilo :) … over the last few years!  It all began with a fun photo session for the whole family…  I don’t remember ever laughing so much and so hard during a session… it felt as if I’d known them for years.  Then, when the dad of the house needed some headshots taken for his new  business, I had stitches from laughter once again!  They are a great family all around… easy going, fun and full of life!

So when they called and asked for a fun, funky session for the kids only this time… I was IN!  We had a great time wandering around downtown Medicine Hat getting some unique urban shots with these three gorgeous young people.  They had the sweet looks and poses that were easy to work with… and I completely loved their hats too!  Thanks so much for the awesome experience and support you guys… can’t wait to hang out with your family again in the future!

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Glamour Shots For Char’s Makeup Artistry {Medicine Hat Photographer}

Posted on September 9, 2010

An old friend of mine got in touch with me a little while ago to talk about her new “Mobile Makeup” business that she has started here in Bow Island, and wanted to get some photos done to kick things off.  How fun does this sound right?!  Three young ladies went over to Char’s and got all glammed up, each with a different style in mind.  Add some awesome outfits, a hot sunny day and these were some of my favorite results!  We had fun cruisin’ the hometown looking for cool backgrounds, old buildings and just the right settings for each of the girls’ looks.  I loved having creative freedom to go in the direction I thought would best showcase Char’s makeup artistry skills… and had a blast taking these glamour shots!  Thanks for the fun ladies, and Char for letting my do my thing ;)   I can’t wait for round two in the future… stay tuned!  Char is available for graduation, wedding or special occasion makeup application and will gladly come to your house to provide the service… very cool!  Pssst…. her rates are really reasonable too by the way, so if you want to get in touch with her, send me a message and I’ll hook you up!

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Meyer Monday {27} Medicine Hat Photographer

Posted on July 5, 2010

For our yearly “Birthday Session,” I usually try to get the birthday girl into a nice “girly” outfit and set her up all sweet, just to end up with a grumpy, whiny kid… and a grumpy, whiny me.  Not a good plan I’ve finally realized after four years!  So we skipped the “dress up” part, randomly decided to test out my new camera in our patio area (after a few good jumps on the new trampoline), and these were the result!  I think these may be the best Birthday Photos we’ve ever done together… AND I didn’t even have to pose her :)   I pointed to a rock and said, please sit here.  Little Missy did the rest… shoulder roll and all!  Gotta love this kid right?  haha!

Plus, we raised some Painted Lady Butterflies again this year… always a fun activity around here in the Spring!  We had six caterpillars that formed their chrysalis’ and the emerged this past week as well, so we released them in the patio area where our roses are in full bloom.  They actually stuck around us for quite awhile and hung out on the flowers for hours… very cool!  Love that my Butterfly Charmer got to experience it all again :)

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Celebrating the Beauty of Life {Medicine Hat Photographer}

Posted on June 21, 2010

I have often come across people in my community who are going through something in their lives be it sickness, recovery, a birth that has overcome great odds, an adoption; and my automatic response to those stories is that I want to reach out to them and offer them a photography session (free of charge of course).  Something that would document this time in their lives, to leave behind memories for those they love or to commemorate a happy and joyful time.

To me the images that we take mean so much more than just a time and a place- they are a celebration of our lives- moments preserved and made into artwork that will forever remind us of the Beauty of Life!

So I challenge you to nominate your friends or those you have heard of who are deserving of such a celebration.  Take an active roll in those lives around you- notice the beauty in one another.

I will choose one application per month (for now) that truly merits a session.  If someone you nominate is chosen, you will also receive a credit to use towards a Celebration Session of your own!  I can’t wait to start helping everyone give :)

Applications (using the Contact link in the menu):

Your application of nomination must include your information (name, email address and phone number as well as a detailed description as to why you feel this person or people deserve a session.)
Also you must include their name, address, email address and phone number.

Here’s a little beauty for today…


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Fresh Look {Medicine Hat Photographer}

Posted on June 21, 2010

When Shana contacted me, asking if we could do some “different” photos for her business cards and promotional materials, I was so excited!  The usual, run of the mill realtor photos (you know exactly the type I’m talking about) are just not fitting for one of the youngest realtors in Medicine Hat.  Shana is so easy going and was up for trying anything I could think up… we had so much fun dodging through alleys looking for the perfect backdrops!  I am extremely pleased with what the downtown area had to offer us.  I hope you love these photos Shana, and that you had as memorable a session as I did… I’d love to do it again sometime!  And if you’re looking to buy or sell a house, look Shana up here:)  

Medicine Hat Photographer

Medicine Hat Photographer

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