A Special Anniversary Session {Bow Island Family Photographer}

Posted on October 25, 2010

The Klein Family asked me to take family photos to help celebrate a special anniversary back in September!  It was such an honor, and a really easy session… how cute is their grandson?!  We battled some terrible wind, but found a few great locations at Centennial Park in Bow Island for these shots.  I heard that they had quite the celebration with family and friends at the park later that same evening… so I hope these photos were just the icing on the cake!  Congratulations on your anniversary once again, and thank you.

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Family of Three {Medicine Hat Family Photographer}

Posted on October 24, 2010

I have known this little family forever… before they were a family in fact!  We somewhat “grew up” together, I’ve taught with Mary at a couple of different schools (including our present one…) and our daughters quite enjoy playing together as well.  We have a lot of history, funny stories and memories… fun times! 

I have had the pleasure of photographing them three times now… and I think this session turned out to be my favorite!  We took these in their backyard, and the colours were amazing.  Their little girl was so easy going and gave me some great photo opportunities… catching her smiles and giggles around every corner… love it!  Can’t wait until next years’ session!

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Gorgeous Baby Boy {Newborn Photographer}

Posted on September 17, 2010

Oh my goodness… this little man is so cute I can hardly stand it!  The little stinker was not easy to settle on the day of his first official photo shoot, but once he snuggled in, the magic started.  I think his Mommy and Daddy will agree that all the hard work we put into getting him to sleep, was well worth the final results ;)   Since he was premature, we waited quite a few weeks to take these photos, and he was still only just seven pounds at the time!  So tiny and precious.  I took along a variety of homemade hats etc. to test out, but we all settled on this perfect set… and since it looked so darn cute on him, I’m in the process of making him a slightly bigger newsboy cap for the winter.  It’s just perfect for him right?  Love it.  Collins Family… I hope you are cherishing every moment with your new little guy and that you will always love his newborn photos :)   Thanks for trusting me with them!  I can’t wait to watch him grow…

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Family Photos in the Corn {Family Photographer}

Posted on September 17, 2010

I had the pleasure of once again photographing my friend’s beautiful family on their farm south of Burdett!  This corn field is right across from their home, and I loved using it as a background once again… so tall and beautiful.  The last time I took their family photo, their youngest daughter was brand spankin’ new… and now just look at her!!!  Wow!  Their kids are seriously some of the cutest, and most entertaining little people I have spent time with… I love them.  Although the boys were “over” having the camera in their faces after a short time, the oldest (gorgeous) girl was begging for more long after we thought we were finished!  haha!  Thank you Kielstra’s for once again letting me come and hang out on the farm with your family…  I can’t wait to do it again!

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Emily’s Photo Session at Medalta Potteries, Medicine Hat

Posted on July 29, 2010

This was a very special family photo session for me, for so many reasons.  First of all, I had Miss Emily in my Junior Kindergarten class four years ago… which is also the beginning of my friendship with her mom Sheryl!  Emily has always been a sweetheart in my eyes, but you can definitely see her little personality coming out in these photos.  She is a rockstar, just like her Mom.  And even though Sheryl may not admit it… her daughter really is a miniature version of her!  haha! 

This is the second photo session that I have done for these girls… the first being two years ago at Echodale which featured a little Emily in denim overalls and pink converse sneakers!  Stinkin’ cute.  Each time we have done photos, it has been in trade for Sheryl’s awesome crafting skills.  Some of you may know that I’m a crafty girl myself at the best of times, but when serious need for intricate sculpting arises… she is the lady I call on everytime.  Honestly, she’s pretty amazing at what she does. 

For my daughter’s second birthday two years ago, we were having a “beach themed” party, complete with a sandcastle cake.  However, her one special request, was to have her best buddies “Toopy and Binoo” be on the cake as well.  Uh… yeah.  Soooo… enter Sheryl.  She not only whipped up the cutest pair of little cake toppers, but also made them “beachy” complete with sand pail, shovel and the tiniest sea shells ever!  Fabulous! 

So this year, my daughter really wanted a Robin Hood party, bows and arrows, hats with feathers, swords, treasure hunt… the whole works.  Let me just say that it is next to impossible to find Robin Hood ANYTHING these days, so we needed to be super creative.  Again… enter Sheryl.  She put together the most perfect little Robin and Maid Marion I could have ever asked for… sigh.  She even reassured me that I could make my own Sherwood Forest tree if the cake really needed it still… which of course I had to try ;) .Cake-ToppersThank you Sheryl, for all that you do!  Don’t worry, we have almost an entire year to plan out the 5th Birthday Party theme… I just know you’ll come up with something awesome no matter what she chooses!  ;)   We had fun hanging out with you two and getting some sweet photos. xo


Hanging out at Medalta Potteries in Medicine Hat, Alberta… eating cupcakes and soaking up the sun.

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Meyer Monday {27} Medicine Hat Photographer

Posted on July 5, 2010

For our yearly “Birthday Session,” I usually try to get the birthday girl into a nice “girly” outfit and set her up all sweet, just to end up with a grumpy, whiny kid… and a grumpy, whiny me.  Not a good plan I’ve finally realized after four years!  So we skipped the “dress up” part, randomly decided to test out my new camera in our patio area (after a few good jumps on the new trampoline), and these were the result!  I think these may be the best Birthday Photos we’ve ever done together… AND I didn’t even have to pose her :)   I pointed to a rock and said, please sit here.  Little Missy did the rest… shoulder roll and all!  Gotta love this kid right?  haha!

Plus, we raised some Painted Lady Butterflies again this year… always a fun activity around here in the Spring!  We had six caterpillars that formed their chrysalis’ and the emerged this past week as well, so we released them in the patio area where our roses are in full bloom.  They actually stuck around us for quite awhile and hung out on the flowers for hours… very cool!  Love that my Butterfly Charmer got to experience it all again :)

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Celebrating the Beauty of Life {Medicine Hat Photographer}

Posted on June 21, 2010

I have often come across people in my community who are going through something in their lives be it sickness, recovery, a birth that has overcome great odds, an adoption; and my automatic response to those stories is that I want to reach out to them and offer them a photography session (free of charge of course).  Something that would document this time in their lives, to leave behind memories for those they love or to commemorate a happy and joyful time.

To me the images that we take mean so much more than just a time and a place- they are a celebration of our lives- moments preserved and made into artwork that will forever remind us of the Beauty of Life!

So I challenge you to nominate your friends or those you have heard of who are deserving of such a celebration.  Take an active roll in those lives around you- notice the beauty in one another.

I will choose one application per month (for now) that truly merits a session.  If someone you nominate is chosen, you will also receive a credit to use towards a Celebration Session of your own!  I can’t wait to start helping everyone give :)

Applications (using the Contact link in the menu):

Your application of nomination must include your information (name, email address and phone number as well as a detailed description as to why you feel this person or people deserve a session.)
Also you must include their name, address, email address and phone number.

Here’s a little beauty for today…


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Four Kids= Full House! {Medicine Hat Newborn Photographer}

Posted on February 21, 2010

Oh my gosh!  I was surprised and so excited when I heard that my best friend from grade school was expecting baby number FOUR… Wow!  The sweet little lady made her appearance at the beginning of the month, and I was so happy to be able to visit and take these photos for the family.  Aren’t these children gorgeous?!  Hmm, maybe you guys need one or two more… you really do make beautiful babies you know?  :)   I LOVE how these photos have captured your new “upgraded” family, and the sweet little face on Miss K.  She’s amazing… congratulations once again to all of you!  (P.S… this is just a sampling of my favorites so far… there are so many to choose from!)

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“Mine on Monday” Medicine Hat Family Photographer

Posted on January 5, 2010

Inspired by a wonderful fellow photographer Amanda Andrews, I’m going to attempt to post something personal here once a week to document “what’s up” in the Meyer household!  (Please note the word, attempt… he he)  All too often, I snap a photo of something I want to remember and share, but then leave it stuck on my computer for no one to see… ever.  That sort of defeats the purpose right?  So, thanks Amanda, for lighting the fire under my butt! 

On that note, for my first “Mine on Monday (technically now Tuesday, oh man…)” post, I want to show you my three year old who has magically worked out how to use Mommy’s new ipod Touch a lot better than the actual owner… hunh!  How the heck does this happen?  Snuggled up under a blankie on the couch, fighting this nasty bronchitis… she spent a lot of time playing Shrek racing, Bubble Pop and doing mazes.  My girl amazes me everyday… “sigh”


The "ipod Touch" Princess

Oh, and while I’m thinking about it… my Mom was babysitting today and made the funniest discovery… hunh, no wonder I can’t make it out of my crescent with my car!

Snow Baby/Dog Gate?

Seriously?  This drift is as tall as my child.  Honestly… what next?  Sheesh!  Have a great week…

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Cooler Parking {Medicine Hat Family Photographer}

Posted on October 15, 2009

What a crazy time we spent down at the park, trying to get these two awesome boys’ energy captured on film!  That’s the only way I can really sum it up!  But I must say, after all was said and done, the proof is in the photos… they did sit still for a few.  Who could ask for more?  As for the title of this post… well, let’s just say that it’s an inside joke.  (If any ball players are reading this, you may know exactly what the true meaning is… as for us, um, we were parked there… therefore, we are cooler!)  Thanks for a fun time tree climbing you four, I had a blast!

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