Samuel & Marjorie’s Sweet Wedding in Medicine Hat

Posted on July 29, 2010

Another wonderful wedding… Oh my gosh!  I was so excited to once again be second shooter for Melissa, and really happy that it involved taking Marjorie and Samuel’s wedding ceremony photos.  The main reason I was so excited about this one in particular, was that Melissa had told me in advance, “This Bride and Groom are so easy going, and really just want to BE married!”  She was absolutely right.  I didn’t notice nerves of any sort before they walked down the aisle… only pure love and giddy happiness to become man and wife.  It was so beautiful and refreshing!  The ceremony was held at Temple Baptist Church in Medicine Hat, and although those rain clouds were threatening, everything turned out perfectly.  The church looked amazing, with lights all over the walls and ceiling, lit up like stars in the sky… divine.  The flowergirls and ringbearers stole the show (with their ties, frilly gowns and flower adorned little red wagon)… until the bride entered the room.  Samuel’s face lit up and Marjorie was so excited just to see him waiting for her at the altar, that I actually thought she might take off running to him :)   Good thing her Dad was there by her side to keep everything in check!  haha!  The wedding dress was to die for too… and suited Marjorie for sure.  The corsages for the groomsmen were unique too, using bamboo for the base.  Really cool.  AND their “getaway” car was fabulous too!  Extremely cool, and complete with a gift of champagne for the couple, from their driver!  Anyways, I could go on and on about the special details of this wonderful day, so for now… here are some of my photos to show not only some details, but also a few special moments.  Thank you for letting me be part of your day, it was truly an honour and a joy!


The Groom and his Groomsmen, hanging around being “boys” before and after the ceremony!


The touching wedding ceremony at Temple Baptist Church in Medicine Hat


Beautiful details… wedding car, bridal bouquet and champagne to celebrate their marriage!


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