Gorgeous “Geldreich” Maternity Session in Bow Island

Posted on August 2, 2010

I had the pleasure of getting together with Ellen and Todd last week, to get one more item on their “List of Things To Do Before Baby Arrives” checked off… a beautiful maternity photo session!  These first time parents have less than one month left before their little one makes her debut into the world… and isn’t Ellen seriously looking gorgeous?!  Wanting more traditional photos, we started this session in my “home studio” with a simple white background… perfect choice, I just love how these ones turned out!  Although, I also really like the natural setting of the park that is located right down the back alley from our house!  We chose an area with an “alley” of beautiful trees to finish our photo session… really love these ones too, and they still have a traditional feel to them I think.

With the combination of these parents, this baby is definitely going to have beautiful blue eyes also I’m sure… I can’t wait to meet her!  Ellen and Todd, I hope that I honestly captured this piece of time for you, so you can always look back and remember what it was like.  Enjoy your next month of preparations and waiting ;)   Make sure you take the time to go out for dinner at least one more time together… just the two of you.  Ellen, take as many nice long baths as you can, read a great book and rest up.  You are heading into the best time of your life, and you will need as much energy as possible to enjoy every sweet minute of caring for and loving your little girl… best wishes for her safe arrival.  Take care xo 

Maternity Photos Taken “In Studio”

Outdoor Baby Belly Photos!


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