Family of Five on the Farm {Bow Island Family Photographer}

Posted on January 5, 2011

And here is… the Verekamp Family!  I was invited to their family farm just just outside of Bow Island, and was so excited that the crazy wind that we started our session in died down to a breeze, giving us perfect outdoor photo weather!  They have so many interesting things to see there… a wonderful garden area, perfect little chicken coop filled with beautiful chickens and rooster, as well as a nice corral and barn that houses several other animals such as goats and a llama… so neat.  The youngest girl in the family is in my class this year, and she and her sister are high on my daughter’s list of favorite kids, so it was fun that she got to tag along on this session and see all the animals as well!  :)   Thanks so much for the unique experience and setting… we can’t wait until we have another visit!

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