Frog Races and Fuzzy Friends

Posted on October 29, 2010

So I’ve taken a LONG time deciding whether or not I should be using this blog to post my personal photos, experiences etc… and during this decision period, I haven’t been posting any.  It definitely takes a lot of extra time, but to be honest… I really miss doing it and celebrating the “little things” in our everyday lives that may be forgotten or overlooked in the long run. 

Therefore… I’m going to start once again.

 This particular set of pictures brings back so many memories for me… not only of the fun day we had racing frogs and catching caterpillars with my daughter and Mom, but memories of doing the very same things with my family years ago when my sister and I were kids too!  We would catch as many frogs as we could find, then line them up and race them to see whose would be the fastest!  So silly and fun… and I’m so glad that my girl gets to have the same experiences that we will remember forever.

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