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Posted on July 5, 2010

For our yearly “Birthday Session,” I usually try to get the birthday girl into a nice “girly” outfit and set her up all sweet, just to end up with a grumpy, whiny kid… and a grumpy, whiny me.  Not a good plan I’ve finally realized after four years!  So we skipped the “dress up” part, randomly decided to test out my new camera in our patio area (after a few good jumps on the new trampoline), and these were the result!  I think these may be the best Birthday Photos we’ve ever done together… AND I didn’t even have to pose her :)   I pointed to a rock and said, please sit here.  Little Missy did the rest… shoulder roll and all!  Gotta love this kid right?  haha!

Plus, we raised some Painted Lady Butterflies again this year… always a fun activity around here in the Spring!  We had six caterpillars that formed their chrysalis’ and the emerged this past week as well, so we released them in the patio area where our roses are in full bloom.  They actually stuck around us for quite awhile and hung out on the flowers for hours… very cool!  Love that my Butterfly Charmer got to experience it all again :)

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