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Posted on January 5, 2010

Inspired by a wonderful fellow photographer Amanda Andrews, I’m going to attempt to post something personal here once a week to document “what’s up” in the Meyer household!  (Please note the word, attempt… he he)  All too often, I snap a photo of something I want to remember and share, but then leave it stuck on my computer for no one to see… ever.  That sort of defeats the purpose right?  So, thanks Amanda, for lighting the fire under my butt! 

On that note, for my first “Mine on Monday (technically now Tuesday, oh man…)” post, I want to show you my three year old who has magically worked out how to use Mommy’s new ipod Touch a lot better than the actual owner… hunh!  How the heck does this happen?  Snuggled up under a blankie on the couch, fighting this nasty bronchitis… she spent a lot of time playing Shrek racing, Bubble Pop and doing mazes.  My girl amazes me everyday… “sigh”


The "ipod Touch" Princess

Oh, and while I’m thinking about it… my Mom was babysitting today and made the funniest discovery… hunh, no wonder I can’t make it out of my crescent with my car!

Snow Baby/Dog Gate?

Seriously?  This drift is as tall as my child.  Honestly… what next?  Sheesh!  Have a great week…

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