Meyer Monday {22} Bow Island Graduation Photographer

Posted on June 1, 2010

Ok, seriously now… how can another Monday have come and gone?  Is this a bad joke?  Really… I think things need to S-L-O-W down around here these days.  Phew!  It seems like only yesterday that I posted how I’d be “posting some grad photos in the next couple of days”… ahem.  So another week has gone by, and this “Meyer Monday” has turned into a “Tuesday/Grad/Mine” segment!

Here’s the story…

Byron is the most polite, hardworking and dedicated young man… who calls my Mom his “second Mom” and who is the subject of my three year old’s affection at the moment ;)   This would be the reason for calling this a “Mine” post… you’ll notice in the last shot that she was invited in for a photo too… jammies and all… made her day completely!  We were also invited to his celebration that evening, which my ultimate Tomboy insisted on adorning ALL of her jewels and high heels to… “gotta look fancy, can’t let Byron down Momma.”  Taking Byron’s grad photos with his family was an absolute pleasure!  Can’t wait to take more at this cool farm location when the wind isn’t blowing 100km per hour ;)

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