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Posted on March 8, 2010

Monday Monday…

Had to take Rosebud to the vet for a sleepover (aka “getting fixed”)… this fact did not go over well with our three year old.  Nevertheless, we had a call that everything went well and no allergic reaction to the shot this time around… phew!  We’ll pick her up bright and early in the morning!

While in Taber, we hit the local “Melmart” for a fresh stash of yarn…. yahoo!  Oh, just wait until you see what I’m planning…  he he he!

I ran for a HUGE 30mins today!!!  Exhausting, and I still didn’t quite hit the 5K mark… but I can feel it’ll happen soon!  Well, not tomorrow… but soon ;)

Here are some great shots of my daughter sledding with my Mom and Dad (aka Gramma Rose and Papa)… what cool grandparents hey?!  We had the best day with them… and although the hill isn’t a mountain, it sure made for at least 100 fun rides in the crisp air and warm sunshine… ahhh, making memories.  xoxoxoxo


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