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Posted on March 15, 2010

What a fun day we had at Auntie’s place today!!!  It was a spur of the moment roadtrip… aren’t those usually the most fun?!  We went out to see how the horses were doing, oh, and let’s not forget Tonto.  (Yep, he’s the donkey :) )  After checking out the hayloft (as we need to do EVERY time we go… my daughter loves being up there), we returned to Auntie’s cozy house to play some SpongeBob Lotto!  Guess who won…  haha!  We had yummy lunch and then Chinese supper from Warner (good good stuff… mmmm), followed up with a massage for moi!  (Gotta love having a Massage Therapist for a sister ;)

In the meantime, we got the little artist set up with a new Pixo creative center from Auntie too… and she whipped up a little dog in no time… the coolest!  Now that she’s sleeping soundly in bed, maybe I’ll sneak downstairs and whip one up for myself.  haha!  Thanks for the great day Auntie and Gramma!

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