Meyer Monday {12} Medicine Hat Photographer

Posted on March 22, 2010

Well hello (and nearly goodbye) to yet another Monday!  Time is flying by as usual… what’s up with that?  YIKES.  I have been busy… doing a lot of things:

1.  Running-  have now done three 5Ks this week… and one had a decent incline by the way!

2.  Photos, editing, making templates and albums

3.  Visiting and playing “Wizard” with friends

4.  Traveling here and there- to my sister’s farm outside Warner, then to Maple Creek today

5.  Oh, and of course a little knitting and crocheting…  :)  

I haven’t shared many of the creations lately… so on that note, here are a few more of my latest faves!  Enjoy!

Apple of My Eye

Plum Adorable

Unbearably Cute


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