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Posted on April 5, 2010

He he he… oops, so I missed last weeks’ Monday post!  Well, I’m more than making up for it this week… life is busy.  I really thought that taking the year off from teaching would make me organized, and rejuvenated.  Boy, was that a complete miscalculation.  Phew!  I’ve come to realize that, if a person like me is not busy with one thing (or 10), they’ll simply find another (or 10 other…) “something(s)” to replace it with.  For me… it’s more like 2034 “somethings”… give or take.  :)   Not complaining… just wondering why the heck I continue to do this to myself. 

I am just getting some orders packaged and ready to be delivered… including some of my crocheted/knitted creations by the way ;) .  I’m finishing up some edits on recent sessions, still crocheting like a madwoman, starting renovations on our main floor bathroom finally, and trying to complete a few other projects in the works! 

Easter was great!  We celebrated a couple of days early since my husband had to work beginning Sunday, but it was wonderful nonetheless… and “stuffing” too by the way!  Wow, Mom makes the best food EVER :)   Here are a few collages of what we’ve been up to the past week or so…

Easter FUN!


And here are a few of the latest “projects” that I finished in time for delivery before Easter… awww!


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