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Posted on April 12, 2010

Just a quick hello today!  I’ve got a few more additions to my creation collection here to show you… some of you have been waiting so patiently to see ;)   I made up this diaper cover pattern because I couldn’t find one that was just what I wanted… and I think they turned out pretty darn cute!  And the booties, oh my… need I say more?  Now I just need a newborn to try them out on…  The little hat on my daughter can also be made into a simple beanie, totally cute.  She loves hers!  It really bothered me that putting a flower on it would be so permanent (she’s not usually a “flower” kind of girl…), so I figured out a way to make it interchangeable!  This way you can have one hat, with a variety of embellishments to go with it!  Different colours of flowers, butterflies, ladybugs… endless possibilities :)   Ooh, I love crafting!  haha!

I’m also busy scheming about an upcoming Trade Show that Melanie Meyer Photography will be a part of in May!  What a fun opportunity, I’m really excited about the possibilities… stay tuned and wish me luck!  I will be posting a promotion here during the last week of April and the first week of May that I am offering at the Tradeshow, so make sure you don’t miss out on it!

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