Meyer Monday {18&19} Medicine Hat Photographer

Posted on May 10, 2010

Um, so… yeah, I forgot to post again last week.  I think it was all the SNOW in MAY that had me kerfuffled or something.  Well, that’s my excuse anyways.  ;)   Check it out…

I managed to get a photo or two of my cherry blossoms too… which will “hopefully” survive after all the white stuff piled on them and weighed them down.  I checked them today, and there are quite a few that look ok… yahoo!

And… of course we had to go out and play in it… build a fort, snowfight and make one last (crossing my fingers… seriously, I realize we could very well have another snowfall in June…) batch of snow toffee for the year!  Here’s my little monkey in the new hat I designed for her!  (Actually made it for a friend of ours, but then had to make another so both monkies could have one :)   What do you think Ang?  haha!) 

Last but not least… I was so pleased when my daughter asked me to play “dress up” with her this morning and did NOT insist on being the prince!  She actually enjoyed being a princess for once, and couldn’t get enough bling on herself… even gave her Big Bear a “makeover”!  haha!  I love my tomboy to pieces, but these rare moments of girly-ness really make me smile…

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