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Posted on May 24, 2010

Ooh… I’ve been a very bad blogger the last while haven’t I?  Well, we were away again last Monday… having lots of fun I might add… so that’s my excuse for missing this time around :)   I will be posting some handsome graduates in the next couple of days, but for now, I have a mixture of personal photos that I’ve taken over the last two weeks! 

Up first is a Robin’s nest that has been built right outside our friends’ kitchen window… lucky hey?!

Next are a couple of shots from my parents yard and ours too! 

I feel so lucky to have this much beauty all around us… we just need to remember to open our eyes and actually “see” it sometimes.

These last photos for today, are of my daughter helping to take care of “her” flowers on the front stoop.  I say “helping” because, as you can see… the steps received the lions share of the water from her can!  “Mommy, I just wanted a big puddle to jump in and make footprints…”  Who can argue with that?  :)   Have a great week!

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