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Posted on June 10, 2010

Once again, it is not Monday… but I’m sticking to this weekly posting business nonetheless!  Plus, I have the best excuse for not posting on the actual “Monday” of this week.  I extended my stay in Banff with my family… we had some touristy things that had to be done, what can I say?  The real reason I was in the mountains to begin with was for the Beyond in Banff Workshop, featuring some of my favorite photographers such as Redleaf Studios, Ali HohnAlisha Robertson and Danna Bowes.  It was a busy weekend to say the least… jam packed with information, sessions and the greatest group of photographers imaginable… I was starstruck several times, thrilled to be brushing elbows with people I really look up to.  Beautiful.  I learned an insane amount and met wonderful new friends… it was a memorable experience that I will be forever thankful for.  So my post for this week is a series of photos that were taken during a session with Redleaf Studios’ Richard and Amy.  We were each given a pear and various instructions to create a series of photos using prime lenses… encouraged to use negative space, creating depth with foreground interest, framing the subject and using light in a unique manner.  These are some of my favorite results!



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