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Posted on June 21, 2010

Hellooooo… I just have a quick little post today for myself!  It’s been raining nearly nonstop here for days and days already, with a little break yesterday for Father’s Day :)   Thank goodness!  We got to hang out at the Bow Island Childrens Festival in the park and had a great time… on the bouncy castle, riding the train, petting the sweetest animals, doing crafts and watching some wonderful performers!  Now, back to the rain situation…Luckily, we’ve only had a little water in our basement.  We are praying every day for those in Medicine Hat, Irvine, Maple Creek and everywhere in between, who have had to leave their homes due to flooding.  It’s crazy!  We are also praying for the safe return of a little girl from Redcliff who was taken from her home yesterday… please check this link and keep your eyes open for her.  She just needs to be found and brought home.  Update… the little girl was turned over to the police today and will be heading home!

So for my post today, I’m showing you how thankful I am to have a safe and cozy home for my little girl… and for the time I have with her to build table tents for napping :)   Have a great week!

Rainy Days

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