Meyer Monday {5} Medicine Hat Photographer

Posted on February 1, 2010

1.  So, here I am with another “fave app” post… have I mentioned how much my daughter LOVES my Ipod Touch?  It kills me when I open up my “photo” tab on there and find NINETY THREE random “saves” of her various creations from the Scribble Lite, Giraffe’s PreSchool Playground and this new one… Cookie Doodle!  Which brings me to her latest showcase here… if you have young kids, get this app… she giggles the whole time she is creating a new cookie, rolling out the dough, using a cookie cutter, spreading icing, piping, sprinkles and other goodies on them… then (after saving them of course… ahem) “eats” them too!  CUTE cute cute.  Check ‘em out!Hayden's Cookies2.  Speaking of apps… I forgot to mention one of MY favorites when I talked last week about starting to run (which I’m still doing, for those of you doubters out there… he he he… just finished Week 3 in fact!)  While I’m on the treadmill, it’s totally motivating to use the Couch to 5K app by Lucius Kwok & Kasten Searles.  It uses vocal cues to prompt running and walking intervals, keeps track of time elapsed and remaining, and you can still listen to your workout playlist at the same time!  Awesome stuff!

3.  Also… I took a tiny break from the Stephanie Plum series this week to read the sequel to Suzanne Collins’ book Hunger Games, which is called Catching Fire.  WOW!  Another page turner for sure… can’t wait for the release of the third one that is slotted to hit shelves this Spring so I hear.  Now, back to Miss Plum in Fearless Fourteen… :)

4.  Last, but not least… here’s a goofy photo of my crazy girl in the tub!  haha!  Oh, let’s hope if she chooses to be a hairdresser someday, that she goes to a REALLY great school…

Oh My!

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