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Posted on February 9, 2010

So here is our little Rosebud when we first brought her home before Christmas… so sweet and little and dare I say… innocent?  I’ll get some more recent photos of this “toddler” up here soon… man oh man, has our little doggy grown quickly!  Sheesh!  So the reason this post is about her, is that we had quite a “fun-filled” day with Rosebud today.  She was due for her booster shot and more deworming “stuff” at the vet, so we drove from Bow Island to Taber to visit Dr. Heather (who rocks by the way)!  Rosebud was a trooper and the doctor was so quick and gentle, wonderful.  La di da… so we drive back home like nothing has happened, because really, it was no big deal.  Then I’m standing in the living room and looked over into the kitchen at this sweet dog (who is whining like crazy, after having been out, fed, watered… you name it), and all I see are two very swollen, red eyes squinting over at me.  YIKES!  My husband called the vet (this is now 9pm this evening…) to see what we should do.  In the midst of debating whether to try an antihistimine here, the vet recommended bringing her back for a quick look to make sure she would be alright.  Again, YIKES!  So back went my husband with the dog… leaving my daughter in tears over her precious buddy being “sick”… so sad.  Now Rosebud has received a dose of antihistimine, and a steroid shot (plus the vaccine earlier, which may have had a hand in the swelling etc.), all in one day.  Poor baby.  With a prayer or two, hopefully she’ll be good as new in the morning… wish us luck! 

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