Meyer Monday {9} Medicine Hat Newborn Photographer

Posted on March 2, 2010

1.  Phew… just barely still Monday… haha!  It’s been a long day, I’ll leave it at that.  But I made it… just squeaking in before midnight!  (OK, so by the time I actually post this, it’ll probably be Tuesday…  close enough.)  I’ve had some inquiries about my newest hobby, so thought I’d share just a couple more from this past week.  Trying to do some different things now, including this cute diaper cover being modeled by #358 of my daughter’s stuffed guy collection…  he he he!  Can’t wait to try it on a real, live newborn soon.  :)

2.  I’m very proud to say that I ran 4km yesterday… without stopping or getting sick!  Yay me!

3.  Super proud to be Canadian… having Olympic withdrawals already, sniff sniff.

Stay tuned for some new creations again soon… I can’t help myself.  :)   And check back later this week for a little contest coming up as well…  if you’ve got little ones at home, or are a photographer looking for something unique… you won’t want to miss this one ;)

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