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Posted on January 18, 2010

We had the opportunity to watch the Olympic torch being carried through our little town yesterday… something we haven’t seen for over 20 years!  Who knows when it’ll come again?  I have the funniest photo of my sister and I welcoming it the last time… in 1988 when the Olympics were held in Calgary.  I remember how exciting it was to watch then, and got the same feeling when we saw the “parade” of sponsor trucks coming down the highway yesterday morning… so cool!  My daughter however, just didn’t really “get” the whole thing.  Haha!  She did her part to cheer, smile and wave… like you’re supposed to do when you’re watching a “parade”… but really got way more excited when we saw her hero “Pinto MacBean” walking around and taking pictures with the kids!  So once the flame had passed us by, we wandered over to ‘ol Pinto for a quick photo before he was whisked away to the celebrations.  (Pinto has been our town “mascot” for quite a few years… I really used to think he was pretty lame when I was in High School, but now I can’t help but get excited over him when my daughter squeals “Hi Pinto!” every time we drive past him ;) )  Here are some of our photos from the big moment… :)   GO CANADA!!!


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