Posted on July 3, 2009

Over the next couple of months, I will be trying out a new printing company and figuring out many details of my business to grow and expand however I can!  This means lots of beautiful quality and cool new products for starters ;)   During this time, I will also be looking to build my portfolio… setting up photo opportunities for more experience in particular areas that I want to work on.  Here’s where you come in… I will be offering “special prices” for these sessions, that will not be available on a regular basis, but rather sporadically when I come up with new ideas to test out etc.  I will post what I’m looking for here on the blog, and will accept clients for sessions on a first come, first served basis, with limited availability.  Keep your eyes open for the session style you are interested in, and you never know… it could be your lucky day :)   If you know someone who fits the description as well, pass on the information so they might have a chance to get in on the “portfolio-building” prices also! 

I will be away with my family for the next week(ish), so won’t be posting any session specials until I’m back… stay tuned.  I have lots of things in mind, and a whole week at the lake for peace and quiet (and some major beach fun and campfires) to come up with many more ideas!  Have an awesome kick-off to summer and remember to take lots of photos of your fun times and special memories… you simply can’t have too many! :)   Maybe I’ll even post some of my own here for you to check out… hmmm, maybe… Take care!

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